Working Nomad and Travelling the World – Ryan Biddulph

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June 10, 2017
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Working Nomad and Travelling the World – Ryan Biddulph

Ryan biddulph

“I love to travel because it’s something that excites me, its something that gives me the sense of relief, I feel as if I belong to this kind of lifestyle . It is rightly said, when you travel, it’s turns you into a storyteller”, Ryan exclaims.

Entripreneur brings to you the second part of “Conversations with Digital Nomads” with Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is a digital nomad since 2011. He also owns a blog where he shares his experiences and loves to talk about them. Here we are with an insight of his journey in this conversation.


It’s easy to take a one off vacation but it’s not easy to become a globetrotter. What made you start as a traveler?

I committed to being free. I wanted to see the world more than anything so my love of freedom grew stronger than my fear of doing the uncomfortable thing of up and leaving.


Which all countries & cities you have been to? Which is your favorite country/city? Where are you heading next?

I have been to Indonesia (Bali), Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Cyprus, Turkey, Qatar, Peru, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I enjoyed Thailand the most, with Chiang Mai being my favorite city. I am in NYC right now and plan to return soon after we head back home for a bit.


Would you like to share any unusual experience you had while traveling? I’ve had many. Almost dying in India, being attacked by 2 wild men in Kathmandu, being chased by 2 lady boy prostitutes in Nepal, facing down a spitting cobra and krait in Bali, battling an 8 inch long centipede, bird eating Thai black tarantula and scorpion in Thailand, falling violently ill during an 11 hour bus ride through the hills of Myanmar, living between 2 transgender brothels in Istanbul, living in a remote Costa Rican jungle where bullet ants and poison dart frogs were a dime a dozen, with 7 bats living inside the hut where we were staying. I would love if Netflix made a travel series of my life; forward my blog to them if you think these are Netflix worthy experiences 🙂

What is the oddest place you have ever spent the night?

Remote Costa Rican jungle, where I spent 42 nights. 3 hours away from humans. All animals. Bats flying in house. 8 huge scorpions living with us, bullet ants on the sink, outhouse, water from a hose fed from a jungle stream. It was an amazing but odd experience because we stepped away from a worldly life, which felt freeing, terrifying and weird. Close second was spending a month in Istanbul between 2 transgender brothels, where topless men/women would cat call down at guys, scream or yell at them and throw bottles of whiskey at the johns sometimes, almost killing them in the process.Tiger

Do you make random travel plans or believe in planning your travel ahead?

Random travel plans, almost always. Recently my wife Kelli and I have simply been traveling to wherever house sits pop up, because even though we can afford to travel via renting places (we are both full time, pro bloggers) we find that house sits pull us to places we’d never have visited otherwise, like Cyprus and Qatar.

Which all tools/websites you use to make your travel as cheap as possible & as memorable as it can be? How you figure out places/things to do in a new city?

Trusted House Sitters, House Carers and whatever pops up in Google for budget flights. Although we are spending more these days after learning it’s not solely about saving money to bootstrap, but to have a rich experience by spending some more money. As for figuring out things to do, Google is my friend but more than that, walking around, getting lost and exploring (like folks did before the internet) is the best way to experience a city.

You are almost living remotely. How you make your living while traveling?

By developing my writing skills, by serving people who want to make money blogging and by building my friend network. The money is in the practiced skills, and in your friend network, and service. Just like writing this post. I am helping folks and some will visit my blog, sign up for my list and buy some of my 126 eBooks. As for income streams, I offer blog consulting services, 4 blogging courses, 126 eBooks, 30 plus audio books and paper backs, various consulting income streams, freelance writing services, ad services, sponsored posts, and a few other income streams.

>Did there ever come a situation when you thought of giving up on traveling & living a life in a single city?



Patagonia. Source: Rei

Your dream destination?

Tie between an African Safari and Patagonia. But I have lived in some awesome places and have experienced some dream travel experiences already, so it’s all good.

What is the one advice for people who wish to become a traveler but are caught up with their jobs, inhibitions, etc?

Travel. You choose to get attached to your job. Let it go. Gradually. Slowly. While you build an online business. There are different ways to make money these days. If you wish to become a traveler, you were meant to be a traveler. Get inspired by other travelers, follow my story. See how I did it. See how others did it. Surround yourself with travelers. Feast on their energy. Become a traveler by being a traveler and thinking like a traveler. Even before you build your business and quit your job.

In addition to travelling and writing what would you like to do?

Exactly what I am doing now 🙂992852_10201313214572838_22763661_n (1)


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