Adventures for entrepreneurs

Travel with entrepreneurs from across the globe on curated experiences
while exploring cultures and establishing lifetime connections.

The philosophy behind enTRIPreneur is to enable the hustlers – entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, influencers and more – to connect with each other while they travel together and share their experiences.

We don’t define an entrepreneur the traditional way. We think that any person who has the capacity and the will to bring about a change in his surroundings and revolutionise his field of work is an entrepreneur. Even if you are a part of an organisation where your actions would mean a change on a bigger perspective, then you should travel with us.

Imagine being out there with a bunch of brilliant minds belonging to worlds other than that of yours, exploring lands that have just been heard of till now, indulging in regional cuisines, learning from communities and discovering new arts and culture, endless conversations and relaxation.

Come take a look at our experiences:

Getaway to Jayalgarh

April 6 - April 9, 2017

Imagine being with entrepreneurs, at a camp right next to a river. The experience being so enthralling, mesmerising and rejuvenating to take away all the stress that you take. All of this coupled with amazing little adventures is surely going to blow your mind away.

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Adventures in Viraatkhai

June 9 - June 12, 2017

This flagship trip of ours hosts passionate entrepreneurs from all over the nation and takes them for an adventurous getaway for four days to a secluded location in the Himalayas. Enjoy the Pahadi food while brainstorming your next startup idea.

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