The Gang

We are a bunch of young entrepreneurs who are trying new things and breaking the stereotypes. We have tasted failures, enjoyed successes, cherished hardships and everything that the life of an entrepreneur served.

ENTRIPRENEUR is our new baby (totally out of wedlock), our very own brainchild. We are starting this journey with a hope that there will be many more milestones that we all will accomplish. We are not one of those wanderers and vagabonds who have mapped the whole world with our feet, but yes, we ache to and we would love to. It's never too late to start. We know you want to know each one of us before riding with us. Hope this short intro helps and if not, then do connect with us. We are up for a conversation, even at 2 AM!


Rachna is currently enjoying giving voice to startup stories by making animated videos at CrispTalks. Organizing meet-ups for entrepreneurs in Jaipur with She is a big fan of romcoms. She enjoy living in the present moment and, Books and good music are her soul-mates.


Anuj is a go-getter at work but a true gourmand at heart.. From running a digital marketing agency, working on an innovative app to managing a vibrant startup community, he is a conscientious man who knows it all. Be it travel, work or food, he is a free spirit who loves to explore the unexplored.


Swapnil is a dreamer. He comes up with crazy ideas and works on them devotedly. Working his way into the advertising and marketing industry, he has big plans for himself. He hates monotony as well as staying at one place for long, has a passion for food and loves to meet new people.


Jahnvi is a traveler, a foodie, a talker and more importantly she thinks she does not belong to this world. She has a special love for the mountains and can be seen there almost every month, she finds solace in company of good books. A born entrepreneur, she can actually turn everyday stuff into lucrative businesses.