Free Trip for Photographers/Videographers with amazing entrepreneurs

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Free Trip for Photographers/Videographers with amazing entrepreneurs


Think of this. Picturesque natural surroundings (what else a photographer can ask for). All expenses paid trip to offbeat places (Oh! this is becoming extra sweet). And the company of brilliant minds who excelled in their industries all by their own (Am I dreaming? Let me pinch myself).

Yes! All that you have read above is what we are offering for real. But before we actually jump onto the details, let us tell you what exactly is happening. We at enTRIPreneur organize exclusive trips for entrepreneurs & changemakers. We have done two amazing trips with passionate people selected from across India. The result of these trips were eternal connections.

We already got emails & a couple of calls from photographers and videographers to be a part of our trip as the official photographers & videographers. And seriously we find it hard to say no to people. But we as a team decided to keep this an open opportunity for everyone who wants to travel with us as the photography & videography partner.

So, here we are presenting to you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity wherein you will not only be giving your perspective to an entire trip but also get to travel to a serene and peaceful place at absolutely no cost. To know our upcoming trips, check out

If you’re excited enough about this then fill up the form with this link:

Here are some terms and conditions:

  • To be eligible for selection, you have to provide a genuine portfolio.
  • You will get an all paid trip including transport (from starting point), food, accommodation & adventurous activities
  • There will be no other remuneration, in cash or kind, if selected, other than the travel expenses.
  • You should be able to record/edit videos and take photographs. Portfolio shown should contain both the types. You should have experience in making an amazing movie from the collected videos that beautifully captures trip experiences.
  • You have to provide the raw content at the end of the trip as well as the edited content within 15 days of the conclusion of the trip.
  • Much more information will be provided to you once you are selected.
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ENTRIPRENEUR is an opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs to meet, interact with and learn from other like-minded and proactive people. For a few days, some upbeat, proactive and compatible people are brought together to spend time and learn from each other in exotic locations. Providing a raw and outlandish experience, The Trip will bring together great minds with ideas and ambitions to live, network, work, help each other and more importantly, have loads of fun that is much needed in their busy lives.

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